Cage Rinser

Cage Rinser for a High-Cleaning Performance

Our Cage Rinser has a modular structure with a standard inclination of 30° for the rinser. It has the capability to process all cans with usual dimensions. For non-standard sizes or forms of cans, only a manual replacement of the inlet and outlet heads is necessary. Our Cage Rinser can work perfectly using any of the two rinsing mediums (water or ionized air) and even a combination of both. It can also be further extended to use hot water or steam, integration of a water tank or further blow-out.

Many industries including the food industry, cosmetics industry and pharmaceutical industry have now realized the massive benefits of our Cage Rinser. It has a high cleaning performance of up to 120,000 cans per hour.

Technical Data
  • It allows easy integration and easy cleaning because of its modular building block system
  • It has a hinged PETG or stainless steel hoods that allows easy access to the entire channel length
  • Height can be adjustment either semi-automatic or fully automatically while the diameter can have a pneumatic adjustment
  • It can efficiently clean all beverage cans with common dimensions (larger volume on request)
  • It can utilize either water or ionized air or a combination of both as a rinsing medium
  • It also allows the option to use additional rinsing medium including hot water or steam, an extension of a water tank for reusing water or piping
  • It has a hygienic design
  • Its rope and chain transports system can be efficiently used as a compatible transport system
Other Options
Our Cage Rinser also allows you a range of other options including:

  • format changes for height and diameter adjustments
  • execution of inlet, outlet and rinsing channel
  • HYJET (water) treatment
  • HYION (ionized air) blow-out
  • mechanical interface for encoder integration
  • twin version
  • additional HYCOMI that can guide empty cans from two lanes together into one lane
  • HYRACKS brackets for bar turner
  • fully automatic rinser adjustment with SIKO drives
  • adding a window in the rinsing pan
  • additional covers and various control cabinets
  • printing support
  • electrical control
  • …and so much more

3 Types of Can Rinser Based on Rinsing Medium

HYJET Can Rinser

A high-performing machine that uses WATER as a rinsing medium.

HYION Can Rinser

An advanced rinsing machine that uses IONIZED AIR as a rinsing medium.

HYION S Can Rinser

An hybrid rinsing machine that uses a combination of WATER and IONIZED AIR as a rinsing medium.

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3. Order

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Let HF Meyer’s Cage Rinser Machine support your high-volume can cleaning operations

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