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At H. F. Meyer, we understand that there is no single product that can fit all solutions.

Explore our innovative line of can cleaning machines below and pick the one that best suits your specialized automation needs. We are also happy to produce custom-made can cleaning machines especially for you!

HYJET Can Rinser

HYJET Can Rinser is a high-volume can cleaning machine that can support your can operations. It utilizes water as the rinsing medium and allows the option to add a wastewater tank for possible water reuse.

HYION Can Rinser

HYION Can Rinser is a waterless can cleaning machine that utilizes high-pressure ionized air for all can cleaning needs. It has the capability to hygienically rinse the overall surface of your cans for micro dust and dirt.

HYION S Can Rinser

HYION S Can Rinser is a hybrid can cleaning machine that combines ionized air (HYION) and water (HYJET). This is an innovative 2-in-1 rinsing system that can clean all types and sizes of cans.

HYAERO Vacuum Rinser

HYAERO Vacuum Rinser is a project funded by BMWi. It is a highly flexible and ultra-speed can cleaning machine that efficiently cleans all can type using ionized air or water in a vacuum.

Block Rinser

Block Rinser features a building block system with 28° standard inclination and adjustable height capability to process different cans with usual dimensions using any of the preferred rinsing medium – ionized air or water a combination of both.

Cage Rinser

Cage Rinser features a modular design setup with 30° standard inclination. It has an adjustable inlet and outlet heads that eliminate the need for costly system modifications to accommodate varied can types.

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