Get a High-Quality Twist Rinser that Can Universally Clean All Types of Cans

It’s Our Business to Create Quality Machinery Made in Germany

Pick the Best Can Rinser Machine that Best Suits Your Needs

Choose from a range of rinsing media like water, ionized air, or a combination of both. Extremely efficient with up to 120.000 cans per hour (cph)

Get a High-Quality Can Rinser that Can Universally Clean All Types of Cans.

It’s Our Business to Create Quality Machinery Made in Germany.

Pick the Best Can Rinser Machine that Best Suit Your Needs

Choose from a range of rinsing media like water, ionized air, or a combination of both. Extremely efficient with up to 120.000 cans per hour (cph).


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Can Rinser Machines For All Your Can Rinsing Needs | H. F. Meyer

HYJET Can Rinser

HYJET Can Rinser has a high cleaning performance that can universally clean all types and sizes of cans using water. Our HYJET Can Rinser also allows you the option to add tank extensions and filter wastewater so you can reuse them for other purposes.

HYION Can Rinser

HYION Can Rinser is an advanced rinsing system that eliminates the use of water and uses ionized air instead. It has a fully automatic rinser adjustment and a flexible height feature to accommodate all sizes and forms of can including plastic, steel or aluminum cans. It is the perfect solution to hygienically rinse the overall can surface for ultrafine dust and dirt.

HYION S Can Rinser

HYION S Can Rinser is an innovative can rinsing machine that utilizes a combination of ionized air (HYION) and water (HYJET). Take advantage of this revolutionary 2-in-1 rinsing system that is proven to deliver outstanding results made possible by a trusted name in the mechanical engineering industry.

HYAERO Vacuum Rinser

Our ultra-efficient HYAERO Vacuum Rinser can process all types of cans at a high-speed rate of 120,000 cans per hour. Its predefined inlet and outlet are adaptable to different can formats so you won’t have to modify the vacuum rinser in case you add a new line. Its modular setup can easily integrate a three-stage HEPA filter, ionizing unit and a water spray zone.

Block Rinser

Our Block Rinser uses a versatile modular structure for easy integration and allows cans to be cleaned using any of the two rinsing mediums such as ionized air (HYION) or water (HYJET). The height can be optionally adjusted either semi-automatically or fully automatically to accommodate any type of cans.

Cage Rinser

Just like the Block Rinser, our Cage Rinser allows cans to be conveniently cleaned using ionized air (HYION) or water (HYJET). Cans with usual dimensions are efficiently cleaned at an impressive high-speed performance. By manually replacing the inlet and outlet heads, the Cage Rinser can easily process all different types and sizes of cans. It has hinged stainless steel for easy access to the entire channel length.

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Customized Solution For Your Individual Machinery Needs

Each of our can twist rinsing machines is individually designed to meet your specific machinery needs. We design and build custom machinery to meet your non-standard automation requirements.

Are you ready to speak with our team about your automation goals? A machine specialist at HF Meyer is on a stand-by ready to help.

Enhance Your Production Line with Our Can Twist Rinsers

Discover the efficiency of our Can Twist Rinsers, a state-of-the-art solution designed to meet the diverse needs of modern production lines. Our Can Twist Rinsers ensures thorough cleaning and sanitization, accommodating various can sizes and types with ease. Its innovative design integrates seamlessly into your workflow, boosting productivity while maintaining the highest standards of hygiene. Experience the difference in your production line with the reliability and quality of our Can Twist Rinser, tailored to enhance your operational efficiency.

World-class Can Rinser Machinery for International Shipping

Get a world-class can rinser machinery from wherever you are in the world – Our can twist rinsers are available for shipping globally!

While our main headquarter is in Germany, we also have an onsite branch in the US and we are thrilled to add more locations in the years to come. At H. F. Meyer, we continue to expand our global reach to cater to international markets.

How We Do It

At H. F. Meyer, we follow a systematic manufacturing process and foster an open dialogue with our clients from inquiry to after-sales.

All machine projects follow a step-by-step process of planning, conceptual development, manufacturing, assembly and after-sales service. This tried-and-tested systematic approach is H. F. Meyer’s way of producing excellent quality machines that fully satisfy clients’ requirements.

Moreover, the complete machinery is designed, built, assembled, inspected and packed from a single source – everything is manufactured in our main headquarter in Germany. We take pride in providing high-quality products that conform to the highest machine safety standards that are proudly made in Germany.

At H. F. Meyer, here’s how we do it:

1. Inquiry

After you have reached out to us, one of our team members will get back to you, usually via email or phone call.

2. Initial Consultation

All projects begin with an initial consultation which is absolutely free of charge. Our machine specialists are more than happy to learn about your machinery requirements and goals.

3. Offer and Order

We then create a detailed proposal and quotation within a few days or so. Of course, you can ask us for further customization and we are happy to refine the project for you. Once the order is finalized, we will forward it to the manufacturing team and coordinate the shipment with you.

4. Manufacturing

We efficiently build the machine based on your specifications and work instructions. Throughout this process, we will keep the communication line open for updates and prompt customer assistance.

5. Quality Inspection

We are ultimately concerned about the quality of our products, hence, all products have to pass a stringent quality check.

6. Shipping

After a successful quality inspection, your custom-made can rinser machinery is then carefully packed and ready for shipping.

7. Assembly

To ensure that all machine parts are assembled perfectly, depending on your location, we send a team member or a partner subcontractor to professionally assemble the machine for you.

8. After-Sales Support

Our team provides comprehensive after-sales support to ensure your full satisfaction. In case you need immediate assistance, spare parts services, repair, maintenance, lubricating needs, product upgrades and so on, our highly responsive team is available to assist you with prompt solutions.

Custom-made Can Rinser Machines Made in Germany

If you’re looking for a highly efficient and customized can rinser for your machinery needs, then you should get in touch with us. At H. F. Meyer, we deliver highly efficient custom machinery for your individual needs.

Can Rinser FAQ

1. What types of can rinsers do you offer?

We offers a variety of can rinsers including HYJET, HYION, HYION S, HYAERO Vacuum Rinser, Block Rinser, and Cage Rinser. These can rinser machines are designed to clean all types and sizes of cans using water, ionized air, or a combination of both.

2. What makes your can rinsers unique?

Our can rinsers are known for their high cleaning performance, flexibility in handling different can sizes and materials, and options for sustainability like wastewater reuse. They are also customizable to meet specific industrial needs.

3. Can I get a can rinser customized to my specific needs?

Yes, We are specialized in designing and building custom machinery to meet unique automation requirements. We offer individualized solutions for non-standard automation needs.

4. What is the maximum processing speed of your can rinser machines in terms of cans per hour?

It depends on the model. E.g. the HYAERO Vacuum Rinser by Can Rinser can universally process all types of cans at an ultra-speed performance of 120,000 cans per hour. This high efficiency is maintained for cans of various sizes and dimensions, requiring only adjustments to the inlet and outlet of the rinser head.

5. What is the company's experience in the mechanical engineering industry?

H. F. Meyer Mechanical Engineering GmbH & Co. KG, has over 175 years of experience in the industry. We are a trusted name in mechanical engineering, known for our quality and innovation.

6. What sectors do your machines serve?

Our machines serve various industrial sectors including food and beverage, tire technology, packaging, pharma-healthcare-cosmetics, and general mechanical engineering.

7. What is the your approach to sustainability?

We are committed to sustainability, using energy-efficient machines, shifting to green electricity, and employing eco-friendly processes in our manufacturing.

8. What kind of support do you offer after purchase?

We provide comprehensive after-sales support, including assistance with immediate needs, spare parts services, repair, maintenance, lubrication, and product upgrades, if you decide to buy a can rinser from us.

9. Where are the can rinsers made?

All Can Rinser machines are proudly made in Germany, ensuring high-quality standards and adherence to the highest machine safety standards.

10. How can I get in touch with you for a free consultation or inquiry?

Potential clients can contact us through our website, where we offer a free initial consultation to discuss automation goals and machinery requirements.

11. What is a can twist rinser?

A can twist rinser is a specialized piece of equipment used especially in the beverage industry, particularly in facilities where cans are filled with beverages like soda, beer, or juice. The purpose of a can twist rinser is to clean and sanitize cans before they are filled with a product.

The can twist rinser works by inverting the cans and then subjecting them to a jet of water, ionized air or a sanitizing solution. This process ensures that any dust, debris, or contaminants are removed from the cans, ensuring the cleanliness and safety of the beverage. After the rinsing process, the cans are typically inverted back to their original position and moved along the production line to be filled and sealed.

In essence, a can twist rinser is a crucial component in the beverage manufacturing process, helping to maintain high hygiene standards and product quality.

12. Where do I get more information about Maintenance Guidelines, Installation Procedure, Warranty and Pricing for a can twist rinser?

For comprehensive details on Maintenance Guidelines, Installation Procedures, Warranty Information, and Pricing Information for our can twist rinser, please contact us via contact form. Our experts are ready to provide you with all the necessary information to assist you in understanding and maximizing the benefits of our product.