HYION S Can Rinser

HYION S Can Rinser: A Revolutionary Rinsing System that Uses Ionized Air & Water

Our HYION S Can Rinser is an innovative automation technology that uses a combination of ionized air and water as a rinsing medium. For the cleaning process, cans are fed to the rinser using an automated transport system where cans are systematically rotated and are deeply cleaned in the channel using the cleaning medium.

Advantages of our HYION S Can Rinser

Our HYION S Can Rinser requires no conversion for using varied rinsing mediums. It is a 2-in-1 can rinsing system that effectively integrates a combination of ionized air and water for all your can rinsing needs. It has a modular setup and flexible height adjustment allowing you to conveniently accommodate all types and sizes of cans. It also has a high-speed cleaning performance of up to 120,000 cans per hour. Truly, this is an innovative system that you would want to add to support your can cleaning operations.

Types of HYION S Can Rinser

Block Rinser

Our Block Rinser uses a modular design with a standard inclination of 28°.

It can process all cans with common dimensions. Its integrated format setting within the infeed head and the rinser channel eliminates the need for any conversion.

Cage Rinser

Our Cage Rinser also has a modular structure with a standard inclination of 30°.

The Cage Rinser is designed to process all forms of cans with usual dimensions. For cans with different sizes, only a manual replacement of the inlet and outlet heads is necessary.

Order HYION S Can Rinser in 3 Easy Steps

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3. Order

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Introducing HYION S Can Rinser:

The 2-in-1 Can Rinser Machine that uses both ionized air and water as the cleaning medium

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Quality Can Rinser Machines Made in Germany

Our HYION S Can Rinser machines are designed, built and manufactured in our main headquarter in Germany. Our seasoned experts, state-of-the-art facilities and high caliber practices ensure that each machine is built to perfection.

H. F. Meyer’s 175 years in the mechanical engineering industry speaks loudly about our strong commitment to excellence – producing premium quality machines that are proudly “made in Germany.”